Potters House Bunbury

The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church is part of Christian Fellowship Ministries whose vision is to see lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the making of disciples and church planting.

Christian Fellowship Ministries was founded in the 1970’s in Prescott, Arizona, USA and in 2017 has oversight of over 2,300 churches in 105 nations of the world; we are a part of a dynamic and far ranging move of God. 

In 1978, a couple from the Prescott Church was sent to Perth, WA to begin a new church, following the pattern that had been set in Prescott of Evangelism, Discipleship and Church planting.

In 2017, we have grown into a local congregation of nearly 400 and are the mother church of the Australian branch of Christian Fellowship Ministries. We hold an annual International Bible Conference where we see men and women return from their places of ministry to be refreshed and inspired of the promises of God, and ordain and send new workers into unreached cities and nations. 

We actively reach out beyond the four walls of our church building to all members of our community with creative events designed to clearly, succinctly and effectively present the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

More than 200 churches, nationally and internationally, originate from The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church, Beechboro.

Pastor Wayman O. Mitchell :
Founder of Christian Fellowship Ministries

Wayman O. Mitchell is the founder of Christian Fellowship Ministries which has a global reach of over 2300 churches in more than 105 Nations. He has been a born again Christian since 1953, baptized in the Holy Ghost since 1954 and a credible and authentic Pentecostal Preacher since 1960. Pastor Mitchell has effectively pastored in many different countries, such as Canada, the United States of America, as well as Perth, Western Australia where his ministry and influence demonstrate his heart to see individual lives changed, redeemed and serving God with purpose and dignity in order to fulfil ‘The Great Commission’. Pastor Mitchell travels the world, and regularly visits the Beechboro Church to preach at the yearly International Bible Conference. 

Pastor Mitchell conducts frequent healing crusades, for which he has been likened to a modern-day Smith Wigglesworth due to the many evident and astounding miracles of healing and deliverance.

The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church in Prescott Az, USA where Pastor Mitchell is currently the Senior Pastor, developed from the amazing youth focused ‘Jesus People’ revival that occurred in the early 1970’s and spilled over into the little country town of Prescott, Az. The ‘Jesus People’ revival was a direct result of the backlash to the ruinous counterculture movement of the 1960’s that promoted the youth to “Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out”. The Prescott Church, under the leadership of Pastor Mitchell, caught the vision of this revival and were flooded with young converts. Proactive Discipleship and Church Planting meant these converts lived with purpose and were able to send couples, or go themselves into neighbouring cities and states, as well as venturing overseas to far off places like Australia.

God has used Pastor Mitchell, his wife Nelda, and their family, due to their willingness to follow Christ regardless of the personal cost, to share the Good News of Salvation to everyone. 

What could God do with your life?